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The insurance of the SUV represents a very important part of the activity of the transporter by its utility. If it ever fails, everything else suffers.

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Even if you are a proud Car owner, just like billions of other car owners from around the world, you mat not have a precise conception on Car insurance. Hence, you approach the task of insuring a car, merely as a formality to comply with the legal needs. However, if you have to get the most suitable policy for your Sport Utility Vehicle, the first and foremost point is that you need to have adequate knowledge of the SUV insurance policies.

The SUV Low Insurance for America provides consumers with independent and transparent information about the safety levels offered by the different vehicle models on the market. SUV Low Insurance bases its tests on internationally recognized methods and qualifies between 0 and 5 stars the protection offered by vehicles for adult occupants and children occupants. SUV Low Insurance began in 2010 as an initiative and in 2014 was established as an association under the framework of a legal entity. SUV Low Insurance evaluates the most basic security version of the models available in the market.

SUV Low Insurance aims to:

  • Provide consumers with independent and unbiased safety assessments of new vehicles
  • Encourage manufacturers to improve the safety performance of their vehicles for sale in the USA region
  • Encourage SUV Low Insurance governments to implement the UN-mandated regulations for crash tests for passenger vehicles
  • And much more