What does a car insurance certificate look like?

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Even if you are a proud Car owner, just like billions of other car owners from around the world, you mat not have a precise conception on Car insurance. Hence, you approach the task of insuring a car, merely as a formality to comply with the legal needs. However, if you have to get the most suitable policy for your Sport Utility Vehicle, the first and foremost point is that you need to have adequate knowledge of the SUV insurance policies.
Writen Apr 23, 2019

What is an auto insurance certificate? Are you familiar with this? This is a type of document that you can carry with you so that you can prove that your vehicle has appropriate car insurance. This is very useful when you need to register your vehicle or if you get into an accident and the police asks you about it.

There are some people who actually have car insurance but because they cannot show that they have proof of car insurance, they are still given a ticket. This is a certificate that you should have inside your compartment all the time so that you can just take it out when you need it.


Is Proof of Insurance and Policy Page the Same?

You will be sent a policy page by your chosen car insurance after you have gotten a car insurance policy from them. This policy page will cover all of the details regarding your car insurance and how the car insurance works.

The policy page and the proof-of-insurance are two different things. Even if you show your policy page, you will still be ticketed if you cannot show the proof of insurance. Another thing to remember is you cannot register your vehicle when you do not have proper proof of insurance.

The appearance of the proof-of-insurance will always be different depending on the car insurance company that you choose. Some would assume that this would look like a card all the time but some may choose to have this in a form of a certificate. Some will print this on regular paper and you just have to take special care to ensure that this will remain intact whenever you need to show it.

You can also ask your car insurance company if they offer some virtual proof-of-insurance cards that you can just save on your chosen gadget. Just imagine how ideal this will be. Just show this virtual version if you do not have the printed version with you. Take note though that not all car insurance companies offer this.


How to Get an Insurance Card

A lot of car insurance companies will already provide you with the proof-of-insurance immediately after you have gotten your policy. You can take it home after getting the car insurance. Other car insurance companies will send this by mail. The moment that you get it, just keep it inside your car as proof.

If you have just renewed your insurance policy, you will need an updated one for your company. If the company does not provide this immediately, ask them how long you need to wait before acquiring this. Some will allow you to request for a new one online.

One thing to remember is to always check the car insurance policy that you have acquired. Make sure that you are not paying too much for the policy or you may be disappointed when you try to file claims.