The worthiness of Travelers Car Insurance Company gets established with the mention of the fact that it is now the largest Car Insurer in the country. In addition to the vehicle insurance policies.
Affordability Rating
5.0out of 599 user reviews
Customer Service Rating
4.5out of 599 user reviews

Insurance Coverage

This insurer offer policy related to cheap car insurance and policies for insuring other assets. With a solid financial stability, impressive customer reviews and the reputation for offering extensive protection plans within affordable price, the Travelers mutualcar insurance, enjoys the trusts and reliance of the Car owners in the United States. Partnering with this insurer, you will be getting a plethora of products that will safeguard you and your car from all the chances of risks and threats.

This Insurer operates as a Mutual Vehicle Insurer and the policies, to some extent, are identical with the policies offered by other insurers in the country, with some additional benefits and options.

The agents of this company put up the deal for merely the products from this company. If you are seeking for an established brand with a wide range and flexible products, coming within competitive rates, you will hardly get a better alternative to this insurer. In terms of the overall rating, the insurer scores a candid figure of 9/10, owing to the extent of its products, the quality of the services as well as the reputation for settling the insurance claims. Approaching this insurer, you will be getting protection plans like liability coverage against body injuries, liability to 3rd parties, protection from Underinsured and Uninsured drivers as well as from other chances of threats and risks.

Coverage Options

  • Car Hire and expenses for traveling: the policy reimburses the expenses for hiring a car while the personal car of the policy holder has been taken for any repair. The maximum amount payable in this regard is decided at the time of buying the policy. In addition, the policy fetches reimbursements of expenses borne for traveling, lodging as well as Fooding to the highest extent of $500. The amount exceeding  this limit will not be reimbursed by the insurer.
  • Medical payments, payable to 3rd Parties: in addition to the liability protection, the policies from this insurer, covers the medical expenses for damaged caused to 3rd parties. The policy covers the heads like Physician’s fee, room rents, expenses for hospitalization, as well as for the purchase of medicines. However, these benefits are available to the 3rd parties, and not to the insured.
  • Compensation for damaged caused by uninsured and Underinsured drivers: this coverage extends protection for the damages caused to the insured, by acts of drivers, either, without insurance coverage or, is not having the 3rd party liability coverage. The insurer will make up the balance between the actual value of damage and the compensation available through the liability coverage of the party, causing the damage.
  • Exigent Roadise assistance: if you require availing the exigent roadside assistance or towing service, this protection will reimburse your expenses. The expenses shall cover the heads like the service fees payable for towing the car to the nearest service station and the services availed there. However, it will be cover-up only those services that span for lesser than an hour’s time.
  • Extended protection for customized equipment:  Policyholders will be eligible for protection coverage for customized equipment like stereos or spinners.


Coming to this aspect of the policies from this Insurer, the major agencies of Credit Rating, rates the company with a perfect-10 score. One of the major factors that boost the demand for the policies of this company is the inexpensive Travelers mutual car insurance quote. Hence, these policies extend the most comprehensive protection to the car owners, within the most affordable ranges.

This insurer offers special concessions on policies, subjected to the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • The car features some protective mechanisms to check the chances of accidents and the burglary.
  • The car owner possesses a record of safe driving.
  • The insured has undergone the course for Safe driving.
  • A young policyholder, having completed the training for Young driver.
  • Special concessions permissible for residential property owners.
  • Discounts are offered to students with impressive academic records.
  • Special schemes to those policy holders, availing umbrella protection policy.
Customer Satisfaction Rating
4.0out of 599 user reviews

Owing to the impressive support services that the company extends to the policyholders as well as the ease & fast-track claim settlement, the company enjoys highly positive Travelers mutualcar insurance reviews in terms of customer satisfaction.

Ease of Setup
Premium Affordabillity
Discount Satisfaction
Customer service
Claims Process
Financial Stability Rating
4.0out of 599 user reviews

Based on the assets, cash reserves, Sponsorships and cash liquidity, the major Credit Rating agencies in the country have given a 9/10 rating for this insurer that establishes that the root of the company is very strongly grounded.

Dealing with this insurer, you are ought to make a delightful experience and getting the sweetest value in return for your money.

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