A 100% owned subsidiary of the Liberty Mutual, SAFECO is a major name in the Insurance industry in the United States. The Headquarters of this company is located in Washington.
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3.0out of 599 user reviews
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Insurance Coverage

Approaching this company, you will be getting arrays of the best auto insurance as well as general insurance products like auto, property, as well as Business Insurance. When it comes to the Car insurance, this company enjoys a major share of the market with millions of car owners in the country having insured their vehicles with this insurer. Dealing with this insurer, you are assured to get the most suitable coverage for your SUV within your budget.

The Vehicle insurance policies from this Insurer extends complete protection for your vehicle and majorly covers the aspects like the liabilities for physical injuries, comprehensive coverage for the damages caused to the car as well as protection from the collision. The key points regarding the coverage options are:

  • Coverage for physical injuries, ranging from 15000 & 30000 USD for each accident. This is the minimum range and the actual amount is determined on a case to case basis.
  • Minimum compensation due for property damage is USD 50,000.
  • Physical injuries caused by Uninsured drivers, fetch a minimum compensation, in the range of USD 150000 and 30000 for each person or each accident.
  • Compensation for damages to the property caused by uninsured drivers is the minimum amount of USD 3500.

This is the standard format of the compensations and coverage available under the Safeco car insurance policies and the actual amount gets determined as per the provision of the law and the merit of the concerned Case.

Coverage Options

  • Towing and emergency Roadside Coverage: the auto insurance policies from SAFECO extends exigent services like roadside and towing, if the car requires exigent repair on the move, or it runs out of fuel and needs to be taken to the closest repairing shop or service station.
  • Accident Forgiveness in instances of Free driving violations: Policyholders are eligible for coverage on accident forgiveness in instances the insured violates the clauses of free driving.
  • Exigent Support Package: in addition to the usual benefits, policyholders is eligible for availing roadside assistance as well as additional coverage to the extent of USD 500 and 1000 to meet up the expenses borne for transportation and lodging, provided the accident happens at a minimum distance of 25 miles from their house. This protection package covers the personal belongings of the policyholder that are in the car.
  • Protection for Veterinary expenditures: the policy covers up the expenses to be borne for the accidents of the pets.
  • Reimbursement coverage for Rental Vehciles: policyholders quality to receive an aid for paying the entire cost, in instances of hiring a car, though, the personal car has been taken to the service station for repairing purposes. You will be reimbursed the entire amount you will be spending for renting the vehicle.


Comparing the safeco car insurance quote with the quotations from other Insurers, you will find that the USP of this provider is that it offers extensive coverage at a  much lesser price that the charges, charged by other insurers for the similar scopes and value of coverage.  In addition, the company offers various rebates and discounts under different schemes that makes the price of the policies, all the more affordable. Following are the most common categories of concessions, offered by SAFECO :

  • The Vehicle has been installed with special protective devices like lock-break proof and anti-theft mechanisms.
  • The driver has undergone the course of defensive driving
  • The insured is having a history of safe driving.
  • The insurer has undergone the training of Young Driver.
  • Discount for Residential property owners
  • Discount for car owners taking policies for multiple cars
  • Existing customers of the company
Customer Satisfaction Rating
3.7out of 599 user reviews

No matter you consider the aspect of customer support services, the ease and pace of claim raising and settlement or, satisfaction derived by the clients for the concessions, the safeco car insurance reviews suggest that the policyholders are extremely satisfied  with the services and solution of this insurer. If trust be told, it is the high customer rating and the positive customer review that makes this company all the more reliable for the policy holders.

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Discount Satisfaction
Customer service
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Financial Stability Rating
2.8out of 599 user reviews

SAFECO is a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual that, as per the latest report, holds a net asset to the extent of 128  Billion USD. This figure  is substantially higher, compared with the national average of 102 Billion USD for the Net Assets, held by the top Holding Insurance companies in the country.

Approach this Insurer with the faith that the company can extend a comprehensive coverage for your Vehicle, within the most reasonable price. The services of this company is ought to delight you as it has done for millions of other car owners in the country.

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