Progressive insurance was founded in the year 1937 and has become one of the largest auto insurance companies in the world offering complete solutions for your truck business.
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Insurance Coverage

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies began in 1937 and famously created the very first drive-in claims office. That track record of innovation continued with the launch of the Progressive Insurance Reduced Rates for Low-Risk Drivers program, which was also the first of its kind. Again, when the insurance industry evolved and the Internet became a major factor in finding the best free insurance quotes progressive helped to change the insurance shopping experience by moving forward with the original comparison rates for insurance shippers online.

Today Progressive continues to search for even better ways to serve you and has created several proprietary tools that include their personalized Snapshot® program and their unique Name Your Price® car insurance shopping options.

Coverage Options

Unlike many other insurance carriers that focus on only a narrow set of services, Progressive Insurance is a true full-service destination for anyone seeking affordable insurance coverage on any kind of roadworthy vehicle or recreational ride.

Primarily, Progressive Insurance clients are seeking comprehensive insurance coverage for their ever day automobile. The car, truck or SUV that is parked in your driveway or taking you to your next destination each day. Since so many Americans trust Progressive with their insurance policies, covering bodily injury or collision and maintenance, the company is able to offer highly competitive rates and free quotes on all models of vehicles and a wide variety of insurance plans.

Classic Car
Some of the smaller insurance companies restrict insurance coverage to the blue book value of your vehicle. Progressive Insurance does much more than that and has become very popular with owners of classic cars because they cover replacement costs rather than just the dollar value of the car.

From a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) to a Segway
Put simply, Progressive Insurance has a plan available for pretty much any vehicle you will ever use to go from point A to point B. They cover SUVs, Segways, Golf Carts, ATVs and even Snowmobiles for millions of customers all across the United States of America.


The only way to accurately measure the affordability of Progressive Insurance Coverage is to directly compare the pricing of their policies to other similar polices from competing insurance carriers. That requires getting a full free quote from multiple insurance sources, including Progressive Insurance, and being able to do a line item analysis of the coverage, cost and quality of their claims processing.

Insuring your SUV with the best insurance at the lowest rate is now simpler than ever because our price quote tools empower you to select several insurance carriers of your choice when you want to compare free quotes. What we have often found is that an SUV insurance policy provided by Progressive Insurance covering an equal scope and similar term is often considerable cheaper than matching offers from most other insurance carriers. Common sense suggest that the sheer size of their inventory and insurance holdings, as well as the wide array of vehicles they cover, gives Progressive Insurance the ability to operate in ways that benefit you because they can leverage the many advantages of being one of the largest and most trusted brands on the market to generate revenue in ways that do not require direct payment from their customer pool.

Customer Satisfaction Rating
4.7out of 599 user reviews

Perhaps the most surprising fact about Progressive Insurance is the exceptionally high marks they get from their existing customers. It’s rare to find a company servicing so many accounts while remaining agile enough to service all of them effectively. During our survey analysis we found less than 1% of Progressive Insurance clients were dissatisfied and more than 73% of clients were “completely satisfied” with the way their quotes, coverage and claims were handled by the company. That’s an amazing customer satisfaction record and one of the highest ratings we have ever recorded for any insurance company. It also speaks more broadly to the continued positive outlook of their brand and the rapid continuing growth of their client portfolios.

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One of the least often discussed yet most important aspects of insurance coverage is the financial stability of your insurance provider. For example, if you have the best insurance coverage at the lowest possible rate, but the company falters and is unable to meet its obligations you could be left without coverage at the moment you need it most. That’s why we always look deeper into the financials of the companies who we include in our free SUV insurance quotes for you.

Progressive Corp is a publicly traded sock available on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). At the time of this review the stock is trading at more than $70 per share and the company has a market cap of more than 43 Billion dollars in funding with a P/E ratio of 14.95, making it appear to be one of the safest and most stable firms in the Insurance Sector. We do not make any claims about stock price or performance and are not giving any kind of investment advice to you, but we provide this data as part of our review solely for the purpose of expressing the point that Progressive Insurance is a company that is more than 70 years old and over those seven decades it has amassed more than 43 billion dollars in funding, so if you have a policy backed by their company it is nearly certain that they will be in proper position to complete all of their obligations when you file any claims.

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