Founded in the year 1936, GEICO, now stands as the 2nd largest Vehicle insurance company in the United States. The headquarters of this company is located in Chevy Chase, Maryland. As per the Market Watchdog.
Affordability Rating
4.0out of 599 user reviews
Customer Service Rating
4.3out of 599 user reviews

Insurance Coverage

This company holds a major share of the insurance market in the United States with millions of existing customers under its banner. 

Having a formidable record for customer satisfaction and offering extensive coverage options within modest rates, the Geico car insurance policies are highly sought-after among the cat owners in the US. Approaching this insurer, you can get some delightful options for insuring your SUV.

As of the major players in the cheap car insurance in the United States, GEICO has to offer a  plethora of insurance policies for insuring your assets. Coming to the aspect of Vehicle Insurance Policies, this insurer an inexhaustible options that cover up all types of 2 & 4-Wheelers. As such, you can certainly approach this provider for a customized solution for insuring your SUV car. The policies from this insurer will cover up your vehicle from all the probable areas of threats and risks and shall safeguard your financial and emotional attachments with the car.

Coverage Options

  • Coverage for bodily injuries: the objective of this coverage option is to extend you the necessary protection in instances you are hurting or killing someone, in the course of driving the car. In addition, this coverage will fetch you support if you require defending any legal trials as the consequence of the accident. In this regard, you need to keep in mind that this coverage will cover the liability for compensating the party, you hurt, but, it never extends any coverage to the car.
  • Medical Payment and protection Coverage for personal injuries: this coverage will make up the expenses borne by the injured driver for availing medical facilities to recover from the injuries caused due the accident. There can be an allied provision to compensate you if you are getting hurt as a pedestrian. 
  • Coverage for uninsured drivers: this will fetch you a compensation for the injuries you incur by the act of an uninsured driver or a hit-and-run motorist. In some states in the country, the same coverage fetches compensation for the damage caused to the vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Coverage for Physcial Damage: it makes up the loss that occurs due to the events, other than the collision of the vehicle. For instance, it can fetch compensation if your SUV is getting stolen.
  • Collision Coverage: it mitigates those damages caused to your SUV if it is getting hit by another vehicle, or it is hitting other cars.
  • Liability Coverage for property Damage: if your SUV is damaging someone else’s  property, this coverage will extend you the necessary protection. Alternatively, if you are dragged to the court of law for such acts, the coverage will get you the financial support for defending such legal trials.

In addition to the coverages stated above, GEICO offers customized solutions for exigent roadside  services, reimbursement of rents as well as  coverage for mechanical breakdown.


Comparing the Geico car insurance quote for insuring your SUV with the quotes served by other insurers for the equal scopes and extent of coverage, you will find that the quotation from this company is significantly lower. Thus, partnering with this company, you get the most extensive coverage for your SUV, without the need to shoulder the burden of extravagant expenses. As a matter of fact, the easy affordability of the policies is one of the major factors that you can account beyond the massive popularity of this company as a car insurer.

Customer Satisfaction Rating
4.3out of 599 user reviews

If this is one of the most important parameters for selecting the Insurer, you will hardly have a better alternative than GEICO. As it comes up from the Geico car insurance reviews, this insurer enjoys the reliance of the policy holders, for its formidable record of settling the claims. In addition, whenever the policy holders are contacting the customer support team of the company, those professionals extends the most effective assistance to them on a war footing basis. This boosts the engagement of the clients with the company and makes them more loyal to the brand.

Ease of Setup
Premium Affordabillity
Discount Satisfaction
Customer service
Claims Process
Financial Stability Rating
4.0out of 599 user reviews

The company has developed net assets, amounting to a several hundred billion USD and hence, the company has its root very strongly grounded. Thus, the company is in the perfect standing to handle the claim settlement and it earns them more trust and faith of the customers.

You are ought to trust a party that has been doing business, seamlessly for a span of a few decades. GEICO with its team of 30000 professionals is dedicated to secure your interests, revolving around your SUV. No wonder, this company is the top choice to the car owners in the US, in insatcnes they look for insuring their cars.

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